Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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hälts in mural

 This is a new minimotion by hälts featuring footage from his last mural project  ‘creator’ along with some fun animations paired nicely with a hälts original soundtrack, powered by Mahaloness. The hummingbird footage is from a recent trip to BC where hälts also discovered a new talent he never knew he had, path making, which he has shared a little bit in recent posts and will most likely follow up on in future posts. Until the next my friends be well and enjoy this hälts special presentation. Thank you 

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BC magica

Following a busy couple of months hälts the artist behind the art and fotos you see here on Mahaloness decided it was best to head west and spend time in his second home, where the elders live, Windermere BC, East Kootenay. I see the valley as a continuously morphing painting, each time I look, something new added to the composition, ceaseless magica, and a place where the mind eases. 



make a mile -mark reynolds from bowden


Nature’s pollinating system


The metamorphosis of the dragonfly, hidden between the interlocing secti of a boat slip so easily missed, such an amazing process by Nature


What does my dragonfly friend see?


In my mind this was a double overhead Hawaiian, even if it is only a lake and that would be highly improbable.


As another day meets night .


Visions imprinted on my mind. Hybrid art by hälts ink and digifoto


Setting sun on the water as golden light cast upon a man in peaceful solitude.


Sparkling light on lake mimicking cosmos above.


‘the Trickster’ hybrid art by hälts, order your custom hälts original today, see my homepage for contact info, this is no ordinary art, this is art with soul, with heart, and light. (paint, ink printed on wood with enamel finish for Angel)

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BC magica



I am forever grateful for these moments, they seep deep into my soul and both, humble and inspire me. Being with Nature I have no choice but to be in a state of awareness, as the hustle of modern life loosens its grip.


precious moments steeped in B.C.’s soul


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Update on Mahaloness

Been working in some new paintings and doing lots of travelling this past summer and fall, the blog has been a little slow as a result. I do have a good feeling as winter approaches there will be an upsurge of Mahaloness for my fellow Earth beings. You can also find me on Instagram as ‘Mahaloness’


in the meantime here is a few things I have been working on, enjoy.

Mask No.23

ink to digital

c. hälts ART 2015


Ho’okipa Sunset tide pools

travel docufoto

c. hälts ART 2015


Something new I am trying and great way to enjoy my art, I am now working with RageON! Follow the link to check out my latest stuff! To chck out my hälts ART White Tara sweatshirt all-over print, click hereimage

a new hältsART video production. c.2015 a visual with sound expereince.

I am in rhythm with the night as the dreamtime work continues…(new paintings in studio Mahaloness)image

a new hältsART Buddha commission in flow…image

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hälts ART has many faces…

I woke up and it was a new day. -Shumi



Foam Children mural for Otis, Carl, and Marcy Puerto Escondido c.2014 -the ocean and surfing are great teachers

Earth Buddha Acrylic on Canvas c.2015

Earth Buddha
Acrylic on Canvas


Enter the Mahaloness chamber -studio sesshin, where the magic goes down docufoto with digital art overlay c.2015


Dali! no.2 Watercolour c.2015 -part of an ongoing series called Painter Paparazzi, hälts ART takes on the celebrities of past and present

A paintamentary inspired by Werner Herzog's documentary, 'Herdsmen of the Sun' Medium: acrylic and aersol on canvas c.2010

A paintamentary inspired by Werner Herzog’s documentary, ‘Herdsmen of the Sun’
Medium: acrylic and aersol on canvas

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comes and goes



Sunshine Coast Mona Lisa c.2011


the magic bus I painted that I call ‘Big Hau’ c.2011


sometimes I go public -live art pop up gallery in action


Hillhurst Hardware mural – in the zome during my first independent mural project c.2010


in between brush strokes


Earth Mother watercolour c.2015

life comes and goes

the memory lives on forever

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posiblemente sea mi imaginación

Mexico is beautiful at night
The moon smiles
and the lights of Acapulco sparkle like stars in the sky.

Journal entry written while on bus and doodle

As I look out my window I realize I am completely at the mercy of this place. I arrive in Acapluco at 2 am, which is not exactly an ideal time to be travelling anywhere in Mexico, or so I have been told. I am tired from all the travel, but I know I must stay with it and reserve what little energy I have left. Thankfully I managed to find a market back in Zehuatenjo and picked up some food, I will not have an empty stomach. I get off the bus and as soon as my feet touch concrete I attempt to get my bearings. As if put into a trance I walk away from the bus forgetting my bag I stowed underneath, it isn’t until I reach the ticket booth that I realize my epic failure. I calmly rush back to the bus and I see the attendant looking at me and he points to the belly of the beast. I see my bag and quickly grab it and sling it over my shoulder, I say ‘gracias’ and place my hand to my heart. As I walk back towards the ticket gate I can’t help but feel as though I am in a movie, perhaps this is a defence mechanism for the reality I am in. I sense one could easily get lost here which is both, scary and invigorating. In my experience when these two forces meet magic happens, and interestingly enough ego succumbs to reality of the moment. I may be someone where I am from, here, at this moment, I am nobody. I eventually find a bus company that runs to Puerto Escondido and attempt to request a ticket using basic Spanish and perhaps a little morphic resonance . Thankfully I find I have an ear for Spanish, this is promising, although I do have some difficulty articulating a response, I will need to work on this. The ticket lady jumps on my cloud to let me know that both, my bank card and Visa, will not work. I look over to the right and happen to see an automated machine, I say ‘una momento por favor’, and make my way towards the machine. To say this place is surreal would be a serious under statement. I begin to notice I am the only tourist in sight, I am grateful so far that the people of Mexico have been friendly and hospitable. At the automated bank machine I experience another minor setback, it doesn’t allow me to take out any money and with no money no bus. Four men, all taxi drivers, ask me if I want a taxi to Puerto, I kindly reply, ‘no gracias’. In a blind leap of faith I tell them the automated machine doesn’t work, a man stands up walks over to me and says try again, I do and he stops me at the point it rejected me the first time, he hits a button and my card kicks out and he directs me to immediately reinsert the card, and wouldn’t you know it the machine kicks out 400 pesos. I say ‘gracias amigo’ and walk back to the ticket counter and order my ticket, as I walk back towards the entrance to the departure terminal I stop at the men who helped me out and offer one of them some pesos…he accepts my offer. I enter the departure holding area and find a seat. As I surrender to the experience I see good signs, I feel good about the next leg of my journey, I will make it to Puerto Escondido, ‘Si se puede’.


Entering Acapulco at night and a bus terminal doodle I worked on during this leg of my journey, I find drawing gets me into harmony with the environment.



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…but first a ‘modern’ artist insight moment…

My artwork is truly my own making, even though I have been categorized by many I try not to pay too much attention to that. When I am painting life is good, all my worries, thoughts, and self disappear and I am able to freely channel my creativity. What comes out can both recognizable or completely new based on what is coming through me. One of the challenges of my art process is distractions that life brings and keeping personal emotions out of the work itself. My objective has been to make art that heals, teaches and inspires. When I am experiencing upsets in my life, those times when in the valley of fog, I have to really dig deep to find my focus and not be led astray by thought patterns. I work at my art everyday, it keeps me sane and I love it. I have noticed of myself over the years a bit of a lag period with respect to recognizing what I have created. This is dependent on the complexity of the art and also the conditions under which the art is made, the more difficult it was the longer it takes to process, sometimes months or even years in the case of the bus art. The bus art you see was made in a lonely giant warehouse in the middle of no where under very difficult conditions, it has taken me three years just to be able to see it, ironic when so many people see it daily and appreciate it when they do. Whereas the smaller paintings tend to be made in my studio or in a comfortable environment suitable to painting. When I paint small I usually work on multiple items and these days that includes digital art as well. The favourite part of art is being ‘in it’. This is when spacetime disappears and the only thing that remains is a force (Spirit, more on this in upcoming blogs) driving me to create, and a strong will to work never hurts. I do believe in craftmanship, technique and beauty. I think the world is a dynamic place, and there are serious matters that concern me such ocean acidification and our ability to adapt to both climate and environmental changes. I also see a lot of beautiful, some is awfully beautiful, some of it is extraordinarily beautiful, when the world is no longer beautiful my work will be done.

my art from the last few years



















Thank you for all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, thank you.