Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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traveling artist (part 2)

Q: What is the purpose of your trip?

A: To spend time observing the ocean, stand with a few of the remaining old growth forests, and with a little bit of luck decompress. 

As I wonder along an elusive path hidden by tall grasses I trust my instincts and find my way to an opening. In front of me a sandy beach flanked by sculpted sand dunes, and a lonely sea gull gliding effortlessly with the cold Pacific breeze. This morning is calm, puffy white clouds drift by, and tide is low heading towards high. The saltiness of the air is refreshing to the senses, as the land and the sea remind me just how magnificent this planet is. 

fotoMahaloness and a minimotion 

‘gone to sea’ a new hälts minimotion with soundscape ‘taking time’ featuring footage captured by me while in Nahalem, Oregon, while on road trip up the coastline towards Canada, which is North, eh. 

I could spend a century wondering these beaches with relative stationary sand dunes, staring out to sea, and bringing it back in to observe the tiny elements that make up this fascinating ecosystem. The one thing I have always noticed about the Oregon coast is the cooler temperatures especially when there is a sea breeze, thankfully there are many natural and human aided structures to take some shelter and a poncho can go a long ways.

jelly fish washed up onda beach, how far did it travel to get here?

the tent in all its glory

‘painted rock’ found at a tire place we went to due to some strange sounds coming from the wheel, I took this as a good sign

‘tides change’ a water colour digital hybrid that I painted while exploring Nahalem, beach styles

And now for a new feature on Mahaloness, a look back at my work from the hälts art archives….

 Over the years I have been very fortunate to work on commission work. This is a very rewarding part of my art because one it pays the bills, and also I have a chance to work so many great people who we artists call ‘patrons’. Without patrons artist would not thrive, both now and historically speaking. It is through these commission paintings that I have been able to hone in on my skills and push my comfort zones with respect to the subject matter. For the most part I have gotten most of my work through word of mouth, and some commissions through social media. This did not happen overnight, even though there were times I wish it did. Usually my commission work starts with a meeting, where I sit down with my clients and we discuss what it is they want and I try to offer my expertise and knowledge based on my experience. I do tend to work intuitively so learning how to communicate this to clients has taken some time, in terms of earning there trust, while also in keeping  with their vision. Through the process I tend to share updates and occasionally will have studio visits, which are really quite fun and satisfying, especially when the client is stoked with what they see, this makes the work less stressful and the patron feels like they are part of the process. What I would like to do in future posts is write about some of these commissions specifically as they do have stories that go above and beyond the paintings themselves. Lastly, I will be starting a new chapter with Mahaloness and interviewing people from various walks of life, especially areas that I am particularly interested in as an artist, so more on that in future posts, for now enjoy the commissions and may Mahaloness be with you. 

Here are a few commissions from the hälts archives. 

‘Crystal Buddha’ (acrylic on wood) c.2016

My very first independent mural project for Hillhurst Hardware mural c.2010 Calgary Ab

‘eye of compassion’ c.2013 acrylic on canvas

My first ever commission painting ‘Daivd Niven’ (the original pink panther) made back in 2005! Acrylic on Canvas

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hälts gone Oregon 

Recently adventure called. It goes by many names such as a trip, a journey, or a pilgrimage. Following a long stretch of art making  I was ready for a recharge. It is not so easy for me to just walk away from responsibilities and obligations, they are omnipresent and I have a way of overriding these primal impulses. We are creatures of habit, and it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex forgetting there are many vortexes, similar to a river with eddies one has the potential to paddle and navigate, getting to new places and getting aquatinted with new geography. It has been my experience that acting on the adventure impulse can lead to great discoveries, whether that be of self, or of magical places that exist on this beautiful planet. 

And now a little exerpt from the book of travels… 

So before I could be swayed by doubt I packed my bags, and bought a cheap flight to Portland, thanks to Gord and air miles. My plan was to meet up with my friend, whom I will refer to as Moon. Moon was in the midst of a road trip in the States, she is the one who planted the seed to come meet her. The day before my departure I was tested, this comes as no surprise because everything leading up to the trip was just working out too damn well. It turned out, thanks to my friend Gord over a fine cup of coffee, that my passport was expired. I was leaving in less than 48 hours. I went ballistic, at least for a moment, my mind began turning over like a plane propeller, I needed a miracle, it was that simple. Gord by now had pulled up in his cobalt cerulean blue VW van and we proceeded to head for a place where I could get passport photos taken. Of course when I arrived at the store there was no one at the desk, I stood there for what seemed like forever, panic began to sink its claws, I tried to keep it at bay. An elderly lady joined me in the line, I turned and said to her, ” doesn’t seem to be anyone here to help us”, and I quickly explained my situation, she said, “good luck”,  and I took this as a good sign. Perhaps sensing the delusion of grandeur, a store clerk came over, I gave him the low down, he quickly told me it would be at least 48 hours for me to get my passport. I said, “lets just see what happens”and he happily snapped my passport photo, perhaps the best one to date, he really nailed it, considering my last shocker of a passport photo. After a short wait of staring at prices of stuff on the shelves as a distraction, the clerk arrived with a grin and my passport photos.  It also happened to be the beginning of Stampede in my hometown, the largest outdoor show on earth, so they say. I thought to myself, bummer. So Gord and I jumped in the van and took some back roads, and wouldn’t you know it we found a parking spot right in front of the government office. With surprising grace I jumped out and ran like a gazelle into the waiting room, much to the dismay of the security guard. Turns out a parade day is the best day to take care of business at a government building, there was no lines and I found myself face to face with a government clerk who was quite helpful and the fear loosened it’s grip. Turns out paying a little bit more money can get you out to of a pickle, and with a swipe of my debit card I would receive my passport in less than 24 hours, just in the nick of time. Next day I packed my bags, went back to the office and picked up my passport and headed to the airport. I was a man exhausted, thank goodness for adrenaline and the anticipation of a the adventure ahead. ‘Go time’ as  Gord would say, first stop Portland for a couple days of city exploration, namely Powell’s Books, which I definitely did not have enoug money for, it is insane there, so many great books in one place, I nearly lost my mind, and my the contents of my wallet. Goddam there’s only one thing to do, power read and buy what you can, and than get the hell out of there! And I mean out of the city, so we did, next stop Nahalem. 


to be above the clouds is a privileged experience, as in a rare opportunity that I take great pleasure in.

And now a new hälts minimotion ‘Portland’ with soundscape ‘Portland is a type of concrete’ featuring flight footage and some street footage from the city of coffee, doughnuts, Powell’s Books, and bridges

​Following a successful mission to Powell’s Books, it was time to hit the road. There really is no other place I would rather be than next to the ocean. The smell, the sand, the sounds, the marine air, it all just adds up to a massive soul hug, instantaneous internal happiness erupts and everything else just drifts out to sea. 

Nahalem, Oregon coast, cold wind and sea and things that bite but you can’t see, beautiful as far as the eye can sea

Nature’s sculptural skills have always blown my mind

one with the other

where sea meets sand

I nearly lost my mind in this land of beautiful spectacular

sand, wind, sea, watercolour, fancy free

this studio has no walls

paint vibrations

still frame from beach timelapse, speechless

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baby sea turtles (a Southern journey cont.)

-a poem to set the tone

heading in car
down a lonely highway
pitch black
accelerating into the unknown
Illuminated by headlights
soon arriving
enter a room filled with information
we are about
we are about to
baby sea turtles
and possibly a mother delivering
precious cargo to these shores
soon walking
under the moonlight
first sighting
a giant toad
night beach experience
heart beats
deep breaths
eyes alert
awareness heightened
walking with care
lit only by the faintest of lumens
so not to disturb the baby turtles

Many years ago I painted a batch of canvas bags for a show in New York city. On one of the bags I painted a sea turtle. I could not have predicted that 8 years later I would be standing on a beach, at night, in Southern Mexico, witnessing the miracle of hatching baby sea turtles.
-turtle bag NYC Seed and Soil show 2007


This is a miraculous event considering the journey turtle mothers make just to get to these shores in order to lay their eggs. It appears to be left up to complete chance whether or not these baby turtles will make it back into their marine environment.

(fotos to go with poem)
-on the road
turtle info center
a giant toad greets us on the playa


Similar to ants, although with a little less grace a multitude of baby turtles crawl out from a small hole in the sand, all over the beach little baby turtles shuffling their way to the ocean, some with more luck than others.




the baby turtle mortality rate is quite high, although it is much safer for them to travel at night it remains clear that predators exist day and night.
the cycle of life continues…

Super gracias

hälts art online gallery, click here

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I have chosen not to suffer

Today I have chosen not to suffer, even though adversity has been in my life. Anything I do from this point forward I will accept and receive the lesson. If I suffer I am moving away from all the goodness, and the flow. So with this stated I will be conscious and aware of the content I receive, Mahaloness grows with the magnitude of the impact of the content, or ahara, as in the food we take in, or anything we experience and take in. Ahara and art process have a special relationship and will influence process, content and sharing. It seems simple and from a painters perspective it is a key ingredient to flow, if I am aware of what I take in I am tapped into the source, I am going to receive the energy of the ahara and without doubt express without effort. If I can break through before things like doubt and fear or even reason enter, than I feel it is worthy or that the mark is as close to perfect as perfect can be. This is not to say ahara is not always great, in fact ahara might be intense, it might be scary, it might be freaky, this is the point where I decide I am going to go through with it or throw in the towel, go have a coffee and a cigarette, fight or flight, which I think is more like ‘flight or be it’. It is a free act, and takes a while to get use to due to the fact that while I am in flow materials are not always obvious, especially when I am distracted, or unaware of what I am doing and where I am doing it. For instance I woke up and my friend, Jim, gave me a bamboo stick. I openly received the bamboo stick and decided to go make a brush for painting, thanks to seeing a clip of Brice Marden, a New York painter extraordinaire brush aficionado. Everything I needed to make the brush seemed possible, I found coconut fibers for brush hairs, and was shown a seed from a tree that the Hawai’ins employed as a brush for painting, and modified it into a tip for my bamboo stick, roughly 7 ft in length, long. A lovely lady named Nicole gifted some leather as binding, I tried it out and we practiced drawing on a tree, early marks, new marks from an unusual perspective, changing the pattern, and the process all at once, exciting. We even figured out a way to make it twin tipped as the other end of the bamboo I could place a piece of charcoal gifted from Nicole…and voila a pencil end, flip it, paint tip. Now to make paint…
Fotomahaloness…ahara and bamboo beach brush demo on tree