Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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BC magica



I am forever grateful for these moments, they seep deep into my soul and both, humble and inspire me. Being with Nature I have no choice but to be in a state of awareness, as the hustle of modern life loosens its grip.


precious moments steeped in B.C.’s soul


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When I make art there many things that are on my mind. Knowing this I work at my concentration, even if the world is asking me to pay attention. To concentrate is to discipline the mind while remaining open to a myriad of possibilities, this applies to life and art, perhaps one and the same, perhaps something else we don’t know about, and thats alright with me.

An eagle and nest on tree of life, on a lake, on a planet in space in a universe and so on. c.2014

20140123-121349.jpgAs I observe nature, nature observes me.

Image -bus and sea container mural art. c.2014
I may make cosmic looking art but it is the natural world that keeps me grounded when required

20140123-121733.jpgmany eyes without a face
digiart c.2012

20140123-121837.jpgwhat would life be without natural elements?

Image -blurred digi image of bald eagle perched on a dead spruce tree c. 2014
taken near Windermere BC


setting wolf moon over Canadian Rockies c.201420140123-122226.jpg

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Molly’s Garden

Although my parents and I may not see things quite the same, no matter what, I love them and hence this painting, which is a depiction of their home, and my moms garden, eloquently called Molly’s Garden. It is here that I have had the great fortune to spend time, and sit by the lake in the fall, when there is hardly anyone around, and watch the bald eagles as they soar magically by. It is a place where I can sit and meditate, calm mind, so I can carry on, wherever it is I am going. I will most likely make another lake painting one day, when the time comes I will feel it, and go without hesitation.
Thank you Mom for being you, I love you.