Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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The journey as of late has been one of discovery, learning and growing. Following a couple weeks of serious creative verve hälts is now in the process of documenting and making a video time-laspe in an effort to share his latest mural experince, both to help teach the art of mural making in a funky way and give imagination a chance to speak. Art is an expression of what it is to be human that has ancient roots. As long as I am connected to the ancient ancestors the art flows. Please stay tuned more posts coming, thank you for checking out Mahaloness, have a great day.


If you are interested in my art and would like to order a signed LTd. Ed. print, either 8×11 or 11×14 you can, I do ecommerce, Paypal, you get some nice art in 2-3 weeks. Prints are made on cardstock gloss paper.

8×11 in. $30 CDN (plus international shipping for my friends outside Canada)

11×14 in. $20 CDN (plus international shipping)

contact hälts at


another option is RageOn! All-over  printing on a variety of items including hoodies, onsies, blankets, shower curtains, socks and so on.

Please follow the link Please click here to see the Mahaloness RageOn! Gallery


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phase one: mini art doc

This is phase one of my reintroduciton. Although you may ask what does he mean, I mean that this is the first phase of a new mini documentary art video, which I recently produced to promote my art. This is an area that I have had some difficulties with, and I know that I am not the only one to experiecne this. My hope is that this new phase of stylized mini documentaries will alter that belief. Please follow the LINK to my video called ‘modern Shaman’

Thank you, hälts

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This is a video of my first solo show, Souplspace, it took place way back in 2006, hard to imagine it has been that long, it was a pinnacle point in my life, I had not painted since high school, I doodled and not once painted, not even house painting! I happened to run into a good friend who saw my sketches and said I should talk to a new gallery that was opening up. Nine months later I did my first gallery solo exhibition, it sounds so formal, it was an unnerving experience, my first real taste of the art world. Once again the video is called Souplspace, it set the tone for my early career, I hope you like it. Mahaloness