Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.


Forest Dreamtime

As I continue to explore Procreate, I have taken a previous portrait, of the lovely and beautiful Molly, and placed her into the context of a Forest, specifically the ‘Iai Valley of west Maui, where she was my guide one fine day in paradise. It was a magical place, peaceful, full of A’ina, Mother Earth, a place where battles once stained the water red, now sacred, and serene, the stream clear and refreshing, reinvigorating. It is here I had this vision of Molly in the Forest, eloquently titled, Forest Dreamtime.
Interesting note: Music is a big part of my process, and when I actually know the individual responsible for producing these all important sounds, well it becomes really easy to tap into the flow, and one of those folks is my friend Adam aka Beatfarmer, Mahaloness to you brother man Beatfarmer blog link
Mahalonessfoto -the original portrait of Molly

Forest Dreamtime composition digital ala Mahaloness and thanks to Procreate and iPhone camera

The stream and the Valley, looking west, and the guide who made it possible, Mahaloness to Molly!


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Angelic Wave

There is an angel watching over him. When life gets heavy, and wants to beat a good man down, the angel appears to remind him that there is someone looking out for him, even if he’s feelin down, the angel of mercy is with him. Angel, angel, angel won’t you please guide me home, angel, angel, angel, won’t you help me I am feeling alone. There she stands on the wave, fearless, the angel goddess opens here heart, and sings the most delicate soothing song, pulling him out of the solemn deep, he is smiling, peaceful, life’s unexpected luck.
The Angel of Mercy who rides the wave, offering peace and a reminder of our grace. Or Angelic Wave for short. 2012 all rights reserved