Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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diving deeper and deeper

I dive deeper and deeper, the murky water makes it difficult to see, I am reminded that fear is alive and well. I want to go back up, I want to get away as fast as possible. Thoughts are just thoughts I say to myself. 

mask the fear

Ink doodle in moleskine c.2015

We all face difficulties along our path, this is somewhat of a universal, for no human is free from life’s lessons. 

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2 Taras

The healing associated with the act of witnessing art is an area of research I am very interested in.

-the following is 2 white Taras I painted in succession to one another for art patrons, although I may be far from the conventional idea of a ‘Buddhist’ nor do I presume to be an overtly religious person, I do believe this imagery, inspired by my friend Romio Shrestha (Master Tibetan Thangka painter) has similar vibrational qualities as the sound of ‘Aum’ and other Buddhist meditation mantras. This is not a new idea, artists such as Mark Rothko and Bryce Marden have had similar ideas in terms of art’s capacity to heal, this is a pathway I find myself going with.


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observe Nature

When I observe Nature I often wonder how long the beauty will last. Perhaps this is why I have spent years documenting it’s seemingly endless magic. It also might be entirely possible that this is how future generations will see nature, through artificial means only, this is something to think about.

fotoMahaloness -beauties that give me breath




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