Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

back to ink

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hälts is in BC, back to the basics, back to the drawing book, with pen in hand, BC Nature takes over senses and sanity returns, peace of mind, dreams and a new found freedom. 


in the woods does bear roam

bear alley


this is a good time to get back to the basics of love


In the dream hälts was being observed closely by jaguar.

…and a flashback to a recent event, and a rare capture of hälts in action.


hälts body paint is a transformational experience, from a recent gathering here with Robyn as she morphs into cosmos captured eloquently by Mark Adam.

 Mark Adam Instagram link to book hälts and Mark for an event please email
Thank you my friends, more BC stuff coming as hälts prepares to go 3-D with some bricks and a little bit of elbow grease. 


Author: hälts

Mahaloness is an art blog documenting the inner spirit and artist journey of Shane Haltman, also referred to as 'hälts'. He lives, breathes and makes art in Canada. Hälts often travels to remote and exotic locations to produce community spirit murals and paintings using available materials. He is unconventional in his approach to art and chooses unique projects and sometimes they choose him. He is known for guerrilla lawn art shows, painting helmet art for a Canadian Olympic Athlete, and once painted a magic bus out of this world. Mostly he is human as anyone else, however very driven and disciplined with respect to his artistic practice. He has experience working with the bereaved and helping people who are experiencing, or who have experienced trauma in their lives. He also enjoys working with the youth and passing on his wisdom, usually in the form of art jams. Hälts is a full spectrum artist, living and breathing art, as a daily practice, in this mixed up beautiful world.

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