Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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hand painted wearable art

This is a commission piece I worked on a few years back, the imagery painted on the hat represents the medicine wheel, the 4 seasons and and the animals associated with each direction and season. The eagle represents a connection to the Divine and lives both in the spirit realm as well as Earth realm.

a new hat that features both my painting and drawing styles combined

IMG_4211.JPGa commission roughly half way through painting a Tibetan inspired dragon with flames going out it’s mouth forming into an eye.


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painter mind

I treat every thing I make as a unique beautiful entity that demands my full attention. I am open to all mediums, all genres, all surfaces, and all materials. I let my curiosity and intuition guide me and in my experience this can open up a lot room for fantastic possibilities.

paint for poncho
acrylic on wood panel


studio sesshin: painting a tara

painting the journey one thing at a time, mark after mark, and so it goes.

live art set up, painting on plexiglass


sea container mural, every surface offers it’s own unique set of challenges.IMG_3811.JPG


made on maui art
mixed mediaIMG_4277.JPG

Big Ha bus mural art
completed 2011IMG_3492.JPG

hälts spiritual warrior artshop

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pumpkin Mahaloness

I was recently invited to a birthday party and found myself being given a pumpkin and a few carving tools. I managed to get some help from my partner and she happily volunteered to do a bit of teeth modelling for me, and with a brief window we came up with this little buddy.

Due to too much sugar intake we had to pull a tooth in our little round orange buddy, I think it works.