Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Dark compassion

An excerpt followed by a poem followed by fotos courtesy Mahaloness.

‘Heart anger refers to approaches in which openly expressed anger and compassion consciously and beneficially coexist…Heart-anger is anchored both in full-blooded aliveness and clear caring for the other. As fierce as it sometimes can be, heart-anger is but the emissary of wrathful compassion.’

Spiritual Bypassing -Robert Augustus Masters Phd.

Spiritual bypassing is not about denying the spirit, nor does it mean that spirituality doesn’t exist, it has more to do with the fact we suppress our anger, and in ways that one doesn’t even necessarily think about (including mediation, intellectualism and work). We live in a world where anger exists. We see daily examples of anger turned aggressive, anger turned into acts of terror and we immediately award hero status to the ones who ‘saved the day’ and suppress the underlying current ; the root to the core of the matter; the dark undercurrent, and we cannot just turn our backs on it, or shun it, or bypass it, or rise above it, and/or simply suppress it. In order to stop violence we must know what it is, and bombs, bullets, whatever the execution is to suppress the darkness of humanity , it seems that by now history provides a blueprint of how that works out. By embracing our anger we face fear, and we watch it and we learn from it. Seen through eyes of compassion and from the heart we illuminate the dread and the discovery might just be less drastic than if we just ‘move on’ from it, which has it’s own implications. These are just my thoughts, as far as I see it, the only way to mahaloness is through exploration, and darkness is one of a multitude of layers that one must navigate in order to be okay with being in this lifetime.

A dark poem

Heart of darkness
do I explore
as I wonder through the mire
blackness cloaks hope
perceptions wane
anger churns
In a world built seemingly from vain
hidden demons
dressed in sequins
fooling only those who see surface
heart meets mind
turn sour grapes into delicious wine.

Fotomahaloness – darkness study continues and out of darkness shines light.






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last night INT.

Enter the Night
David Starfire Govinda, Jay Michael put on by evovled productions presents
What I do is set up creative space in conjunction with the already fluid and creAtive space provided.
Last night’s interiors, face and body painting along with good vibrations. My set up is nearly always on ground level, simple, unlike some of my contemporaries who place themselves higher in some instances, I like ground level, it is inviting and interactive. I paint on my knees and treat it as a sesshin, in that it is place to settle the mind, to touch the mind,
to convey the mind, to be one with the space, therefore connected, responsible and aware. is it spiritual practice? I cannot answer that, it is however, constant practice.
Mahaloness Flashback 2010 Inshala 4 with visionary Shaun Friesen Video link
Enter Green Tara and Agent R
The painting I painted all night, black and white, back and forth, no rhyme, no reason, and even let a few who dared to paint on it. The act of making a mark is very empowering, and art instills a confidence in the moment, which one can choose to carry with them to the next.


My desire is not to mAke art
It is a necessity.
Support my art go to my link and click support. Mahaloness.
Love and kindness to you.
Art live at Govinda, David Starfire and Jay Michael
Evovled productions Evolved link
Thanks to Jay Kylee and Corrine, and DF Govinda, mahaloness


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Hey, can you help me out, I need votes and a show of support for my page so that my art can continue to branch out, I really appreciate the love and support already so its hard to ask when I am just happy to be here. Please go to my link hereand click the support button. Many Mahaloness to you in this lifetime. And remember any help helps and I pledge to continue the good work for you.

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Pink moon

Something happens
Life goes on
Something happens again
Life goes on
Something happens again
So I numb my skull.

‘poetry doesnt pay anything, it was just a form I needed, a kind of a passionate pleasurable selfish nice form, where you can scream a little bit…I guess I needed to scream a little bit -Bukowski

Fotomahaloness -under a crescent moon does carbon black paint fly.





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Keep it

Sometimes it feels as if I have been numbed by the vastness of unrich glitch.

A fellow I met gave me this drawing (well actually a print) from a wall of an office because he liked it but later didn’t want to hang it because he felt guilty, however he did ask me to paint on it and this information came out following completion of the painting sesshin, and what turned out to be some kind of confessional. I told the man to take the now renewed image and place it on the wall he took it from, I said the developer might appreciate the updated version. As far as I know the man kept the painting….

Fotomahaloness -ancient wisdom stenciled over a usurped developer’s rendering of a section of land on Maui, including Dalai Lama stencil, and Paia stupa blessed by his holiness but not the stencil with aerosol hand drawn/cut stencil on usurped rendering 2012
Followed by a mountain top, and a drawing/doodle titled Bardo ink on paper (moleskine sesshin 2011)