Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

Sunshine Coast (BC) ML and the Eagle.

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Sunshine Coast Mona Lisa (a magical work that I was very lucky to have make in that very special place). I want to say thank you to my hosts and the place in all its manifestations. There will always be a piece of the Sunshine Coast in my heart.
Acrylic on Sunshine Coast (BC) Flotsam, made some moons ago. In that same location I was lucky to be honored with eagle feathers, and have since than passed those feathers along the line, as they are not meant to be a possession as much as they are a lesson/reminder/talisman… of the eagle, and the medicine wheel which is not a Native American term, but one that was adopted from American settlers of European descent, according this link anyway Dancing ti Eagle Spirit Society . I did produce a hand panted medicine wheel for a client, he wanted the animals in a specific order, and even in my own research I find there is quite a bit of variance. I think it goes maybe without saying, the animal symbol, the season, the color association and direction are somewhat dependent on the group and their particular system and order of ideas. The eagle is a powerful symbol and offers great wisdom, that we can soar high like an eagle, that we can empower ourselves, and enrich our lives, how lucky we really are.
FotoMahaloness -the eagle, habitats (the frozen Columbia River, this being Windermere Lake, yet another eagle habitat. It seems the eagle has a way of finding itself in the paintings I produce, although ‘I’ in the way that through my body vessel I depict the eagle. It is an honor to paint the eagle and share Mother Earth’s lesson with you all.




Author: hälts

Mahaloness is an art blog documenting the inner spirit and artist journey of Shane Haltman, also referred to as 'hälts'. He lives, breathes and makes art in Canada. Hälts often travels to remote and exotic locations to produce community spirit murals and paintings using available materials. He is unconventional in his approach to art and chooses unique projects and sometimes they choose him. He is known for guerrilla lawn art shows, painting helmet art for a Canadian Olympic Athlete, and once painted a magic bus out of this world. Mostly he is human as anyone else, however very driven and disciplined with respect to his artistic practice. He has experience working with the bereaved and helping people who are experiencing, or who have experienced trauma in their lives. He also enjoys working with the youth and passing on his wisdom, usually in the form of art jams. Hälts is a full spectrum artist, living and breathing art, as a daily practice, in this mixed up beautiful world.

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