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What was once an unloved store front

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This was a community revitalization mural project I completed a couple years ago in my hometown, the owners let me have creative free range, I interviewed the family business (since 1945) and ended up meeting their pet companions/shop dogs, Molly and Comet, and casting them as the lead roles. The shop is called Hillhurst Hardware, it is in an area known as Kensington/Sunnyside, it is considered to be an urban village within my city, with unique shops, coffee shops, restaurants, tea houses and so on. Hillhurst Hardware do not offer pet hair cuts….

If you like what you see here have a look at my ‘I do murals’ link
I do murals

I am always looking for new projects.

FotoMahaloness -courtesy Jamie Osborne, Global Colors, the first mural I ever worked on was this one for Cirque du Soleil, taught me everything I would need to know about murals. Mahalo Jamie:)



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Layer upon layers

Seeing the vision through may be the most difficult task an artist faces. When I am painting I find I am always challenging the voice in my head that says, ‘that’s good enough.’
Fotomahaloness -the Mahaloness painting continues, the vision strong, its getting close…
This blog is dedicated to Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso







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Food for the heart and the soul

The Mahaloness painting is coming along, and what would art process be without some key ingredients: the sky being one, colorful flowers, books, coffee from my favorite coffee shopThe Roasterie, and good ole comfort food, of course*. The sky is key becuase working so close to the canvas can cause eyes to strain, I often take a moment to step outside and look up, and as far up as is possible. As for food I like eggs, they are quick and easy and offer yet another kind of canvas to nourish the creative zeal.
*there are some additional key ingredients and medicines that offer good headspace, heartspace that put me into a healthy creative mindset, this list will be expanded upon. link, I ❤ your votes!
Mahalonessfoto -look for the heart(s), the sky is as seen from Ho’okipa Maui, a real dandy