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Peaceful Sequoyah (edited)

Tonight I went to a talk by blood member of the Choctaw nation and traveling Medicine man, Sequoyah, which translates into ‘pigs foot’, a humbling name given to a man who is without a doubt in my mind, out there, doing the good work. He talked to a full attentive room for a good couple hours, we travelled back in time, and gained knowledge that is the best kind of knowledge, right from the source; without censorship or the often Eurocentric point of view. I have to admit when I entered the room last night I was a little bent out of shape, the hustle and bustle of the day was on my mind, and in two sweeps of an eagle feather and a condor feather, sage and cedar smudge positively zapped my negative energy away. Sequoyah revealed a history so many Canadians and Americans simply do not have access to; a history that was swept underneath a rug with hopes of it being forgotten. One person at a time Sequoyah is changing that. He is a man of many stories and each one he told gave me shivers up and down my spine, duende. Sequoyah shed some light that some of the weight I carry is a remnant of my ancestors, the great burden of colonial expansion and ignorance. His words woke me up, made me rethink a few things I thought I knew. Last night renewed why I write this blog, Mahaloness, which is to be in constant thankfulness and gratitude for gift of life, the breath. We all have our stories, and what is so striking about Sequoyahs is his message of peace and love by overcoming the adversity and challenges he has faced. I am very grateful that Sequoyah is around and doing what he does, he brought peace to that room, knowledge and wisdom from a voice that was systematically stripped of its dignity and importance by a government without heart. Sequoyah was brought up in residential schools, fought in Vietnam, and was sent to prison as an innocent man, and yet still carries a message of peace, hope and forgiveness. He has an aura that can fill a room and it is contagious. One last thing I do not want to leave out, Sequoyah shared with us the importance of the mushroom and the connection to Mother Earth. Mother Earth provides medicine, and simply through ingesting mushrooms, of many varieties, that we can benefit from her medicine in so many amazing ways. I am merely a student in the area of mushrooms and the benefits they bring, I will soon dedicate a blog on that subject of mushrooms, in due time my friends. I hope you too have a chance to meet Sequoyah one day, for now lets remember that peace does have a place on Earth, it is never too late, we have much good work to do. Thank you very much.
Fotomahaloness -I have a great respect for the wisdom Sequoyah is sharing, he is Mahaloness through and through, and selections from my own art work that reflect Sequoyah’s message and a foto of a dumpster with a wheat paste that reads ‘Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to Earth.’






I thought of an old friend tonight, Jim if you are out there I love you brother.

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Fotomahaloness -Jim in the ohana he built and where he let me paint a protective deity mural, seen here early on in the process, a good man who taught me a thing or three about a thing or three. Also an image of the completed mural being utilized as a place to chill, sit quietly and be present and finally a backdrop to a body of work, specifically energy paintings I painted in the back yard facing Haleakala last summer. Once completed the mural was eventually painted over acting as a built in mural, only known to those who saw it and I guess anyone who sees this, a lesson in impermanence no doubt, thank you very much.




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Cobalt Teal strikes again.

Okay so recently I wrote a blog called Cobalt teal now just teal and wouldn’t you know it Golden, the company whose paint I have been lucky enough to apply to a lot of surfaces, inside and out, wrote me in response thanking me for my efforts, as well as informing me of the reason for the discontinued Cobalt Teal colour, which to make a lkng story short has nothing to do with Golden. Now, I have used Golden’s Cobalt teal for what seems like aeons, it is a truly amazing colour, beautiful no matter how you look at it. Cobalt Teal is associated with communication, in between the heart and throat chakra, it is my Astrological colour, and you will find it in the big open sky and shallow tropical oceans and even lakes. I will stop once my last tube runs out, which is a nice segway, because my friends at Golden sent me a few extra tubes that were still on the shelf. Now I dont know a lot of companies that would do that, and so I say thank you to Golden, and well I am honored to move some more of that beautiful Cobalt Teal around. Mahalonessfoto – some cobalt teal anyone? Bonne appetite! The last foto is a vantage point near the old Mayan trade route port city Tulum, stunning place, very inspiring.












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history #23

I like to look out to sea to see.

Fotomahaloness -some of my early years as a painter. I would never trade those days in for anything, in terms of raw creativity, nothing will ever touch them. If you been painting a long time you’ll know what I mean.


Painters glow

the fifth Obama just completed and coinciding with his second term as President of the U.S.A. 2012

a painters glow

I love painting as much as I love Bowness. You will only understand the later half if you are from Calgary, and you either live or spend time in Bowness. This image is from many many moons ago, and in typical fashion I am seen painting on the floor, usually until I lost the feeling in my legs. I remember this sesshin well, I was working on my line control with a 1 inch liner brush that I had an absolute obsession with. Many of my paintings during this period, the mask period, were similar to my Moleskine doodles, and at the time masks were a favourite motif for me. I have come a long way since those days, as is the case with the Obama series entitled ‘Are you a Believer?’, with my most recent Obamafive which you may have seen in my last couple blogs.

I would also like to take a moment and simply say, Thank you for being here, I will be resuming regular blogs, realigning with what Mahaloness, a new passion for living in what I can only describe as magical times. May we carry on together and be well be well be well.