Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

Inside Sesshin


Sesshin- touching the heart-mind, intensive Zen meditation, here it refers to intensive paint meditation that is being in Mahaloness.
So why do I spend the majority of my life making paintings? That’s easy. I love to paint. Painting is a way of healing, it is a way to pass on age old wisdom, it can move a person, it is meditation, it has the capacity to create new feelings, it can be political or it can be silly. I know when I create I am exercising my freedom, which is being challenged every day by the powers that be, or by even public opinion. I live in a country where I still have the freedom to think for myself, and to express from within without facing persecution, that is as long as it is in accordance with legal parameters. So even though I have the freedom to express I also know that I am still limited in terms of outlets. This is something I have had to learn to work with. Over the years I have painted in as many conditions, both legal and otherwise, from the conventional to the the totally absurd.I have an insatiable appetite for creativity, it is relentless, it has been known to consume me. I look forward to that day when I can sit and breathe and maybe that’s when I can feel okay with the world I live in. I am one to follow my dreams, or perhaps better put, I am one to craft my dreams and allow the light of day to work its magic and reveal those dreams to you. If this is confusing or my thoughts seem all around, I can assure you this moment is profound, profound to me as I sit here in a basement and explore the inside.
FotoMahaloness -a recent commission Sesshin















Author: hälts

Mahaloness is an art blog documenting the inner spirit and artist journey of Shane Haltman, also referred to as 'hälts'. He lives, breathes and makes art in Canada. Hälts often travels to remote and exotic locations to produce community spirit murals and paintings using available materials. He is unconventional in his approach to art and chooses unique projects and sometimes they choose him. He is known for guerrilla lawn art shows, painting helmet art for a Canadian Olympic Athlete, and once painted a magic bus out of this world. Mostly he is human as anyone else, however very driven and disciplined with respect to his artistic practice. He has experience working with the bereaved and helping people who are experiencing, or who have experienced trauma in their lives. He also enjoys working with the youth and passing on his wisdom, usually in the form of art jams. Hälts is a full spectrum artist, living and breathing art, as a daily practice, in this mixed up beautiful world.

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