Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.


Laughing Buddha

The thing about painting is you paint. If I over think the painting part, such as, ‘I don’t know what to paint” or ‘no time’, or this or that, than who exactly is going to paint the paintings? Now sure you can create a digital composition, beautiful, wonderful, but somewhat not quite painting, the feeling of a full room and painting in it, without necessarily announcing it, is really like no other I have ever experienced, well that is perhaps meditation, though in that case I am simply breathing, and perhaps a mantra. The only rule I have is to ask the room before you do, just to make the room wants you to paint in it,, if it says ‘yes’, go with it, that’s the joy, that’s the Mahaloness, flow, whatever you want to label it as.
FotoMahaloness -Laughing Buddha aka Buddha of Mahaloness, created at Market Collective Calgary last 2 days, a chronolgical time lapse…playful work




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With as few words as possible I will say I am inspired my light, the one that burns inside, and whenever I look outside I see that light, even when ominous clouds loom near, the light is what guides me through. There have been times when I nearly lost the light, lessons, and expeirences has taught me when awareness falters, bad shit happens, why deny what’s right there, burning bright, inside.










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Sixth Cents

Yesterday I took part in an art battle. It was a in interesting time, my theme, the sixth sense, which quite frankly we don’t know a lot about, and the actual few that do are rare indeed. That said I think I was a kid I was in perpetual sixth sense, all the time, letting things slide off and always in a world that I truly created as opposed to the one I am forced to accept as an adult, and by that I mean the daily opinion survey and freedom less choice, partly due to the times of being a slave to the man. So what does it all mean, I don’t know, I do know that I want to live my life doing what it is I love, while working the occasional job to keep it going when the art I create doesn’t quite support me. I have always maintained that hard work pays off, as I get older I am not so sure if that’s true, I am starting to think that there is benefit to going back to a cold like mentality, a time when corruption wasn’t even a word I knew, let alone heard about, the only thing that mattered was making sure to take in as much as I could, have as much fun as possible, and soak in each and every moment, and run free with my friend curiosity.
FotoMahaloness last nights battle scene the chair and the table were back alleyway finds, perfect for the night ahead. Harold and Darcy rocked the show, gracefully of course, and art history was again made here in Calgary.